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7 Summer AC Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

According to research, 91% of Americans have AC. However, with so many AC units in use, it’s no surprise that they break down from time to time. If you want to avoid an air conditioning repair this summer, be sure to follow these five tips for regular maintenance.

While you may not be an AC repairman, there are still some things you can do to keep your unit running smoothly all summer long.

Check out these five tips:

1. Check the Filter

If you haven’t changed your filter in a while, now is the best time to do it. It would be best to replace your filter every few months, but the most reasonable replacement rate will depend on your unit, how much you use it, and other factors. 

For example, do you own a lot of pets? Do you live in an area with more dust, pollen, and pollution than normal? If so, then you may want to change it more frequently. 

Make sure that you regularly change out your filters so that it protects your HVAC system. This will allow your unit to efficiently filter out debris and dust so you can get a longer life out of your AC unit.

New AC filters will also prevent pollutants from returning to the air and recirculating into your house.

Man performing AC maintenance by replacing the air filter

2. Lock in the Cool Air

Check for cracks that could leak out that cool air. Common leaks happen in windows, doors, poorly insulated attics, and other structural defects. 

You could hire a home energy auditor to do this at your home, or you can go outside and see if you can feel cold air going out of the window or door. 

You may also want to try closing your blinds and curtains during the day to help insulate your building. 

3. Keep The Area Clear

Make sure that there is at least one foot of clearance around your outdoor AC unit. This will ensure proper airflow and prevent any blockages that could keep your system from running efficiently.

You should also trim back any shrubs or plants that might be too close to the unit.

4. Clean Condenser Coils

Your AC system will have a condenser unit outside. It’s the large box you typically see with a metal fan inside it. 

If you cover it during the winter, uncover it for the summer. If you didn’t cover it, you might have debris like branches or tree leaves that fell into your condenser. 

If the coils are dirty or clogged, you’ll want to hire a professional to clean your coils so that your AC unit can run properly. 

Man cleaning AC condenser coils

5. Calibrate the Thermostat

If you have a broken thermostat, it will affect your entire HVAC system. You might be unable to read the temperature or turn the AC on or off. 

If you notice any similar issues, you may need a professional to repair your thermostat and ensure that it’s calibrated. 

6. Get Your Coolant Levels Checked

Without coolant, your cooling system will just blow hot air. 

In that case, you’ll want an HVAC company to evaluate if there are refrigerant leaks and to see if coolant levels are normal.

7. Schedule Regular AC Maintenance

The best way to avoid an unexpected repair is by scheduling regular maintenance for your unit. Once a year, you should have a professional come out and check the system to ensure that everything is running smoothly. 

This tune-up should include cleaning the coils, testing the refrigerant levels, checking the electrical components, and making sure the system is operational afterward.

Discover More Summer AC Maintenance Tips

These are only a few of the most common summer AC maintenance tips that you can focus on, but there may be other factors to consider. 

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