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Effective Server Room Cooling Solutions in Pittsburgh, PA

JDC Heating & Cooling has extensive experience with cooling server rooms in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

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Every business requires good heating, professional ventilation, and high-quality commercial air conditioning services. JDC Heating & Cooling provides a comprehensive range of commercial HVAC services, from maintenance and repair to installation and replacement.

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Cooling a Server Room

Server rooms contain mission-critical business equipment and must be properly cooled.

We’re well-versed in setting up, maintaining, and servicing server room air conditioning systems. We’re considerate of the most important aspects of cooling a server room such as the size of the area, the technology being used, your company’s location, and health and safety requirements.

We’ll ensure that your business is furnished with energy-efficient equipment that complies with regulations and protects your most critical technology.

Why Server Room Temperatures Are Important

High temperatures are one of the most serious threats to the equipment in server rooms. This is particularly true in crowded office environments that utilize high-demand technology.

When server equipment becomes too hot, it can malfunction, resulting in lag, system crashes, or even hardware damage. This will affect productivity and could even cause data loss.

Temperature and Ventilation Control in Server Rooms

A server room’s temperature should be maintained in the mid-60’s, although some systems can withstand temperatures as low as 50°F and as high as 80°F. We never want to allow the temperature to get out of the range where it would be dangerous to your equipment.

Servers also require proper ventilation to maintain a constant airflow throughout the room, keeping all components cool and functional. That is why businesses need to invest in a properly installed and maintained air conditioning system that will ensure a consistent temperature.

By working with an experienced HVAC contractor like JDC Heating & Cooling, you can be sure your systems will not only be well-maintained but also energy-efficient and cost-effective.

The Process


When you contact us for an estimate, we will arrange to visit your business and survey the area and equipment. Once we’ve done that, we’ll suggest a solution for server room cooling based on your specific needs and budget.

Step 2: Server Room Cooling

Our professional team will carry out your server room HVAC installation or repair. When the job is completed, we will remove any debris and leave the area as clean as we found it.

Step 3: Follow Up

We will be in touch to check that your server room cooling system is working properly. We can also set up a regular maintenance schedule to keep your AC system running perfectly all year round.


HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance costs are determined by several factors, including the equipment and labor required.

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