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Is a Rooftop HVAC Unit the Best Choice for Your Business?

Photo: Rooftop HVAC units

As newer commercial buildings get larger, adding or replacing a commercial HVAC system gets more complex than just considering brand and cost.

After all, the HVAC system used to heat and cool the bigger space needs a place where it won’t be in the way or take up valuable space. Most commercial buildings have big flat roofs, making them an ideal location.  But is a rooftop HVAC unit the best choice?

Let’s take a look at why so many businesses choose to put their HVAC system on the roof and how you might benefit from following their lead.

Better Use of Space

Ask any business owner how to use that big open space next to their building, and they can come up with a hundred ideas that are better than housing their HVAC units. These systems migrated to rooftops because dense commercial districts had no room for them on the ground. They’ve stayed there because they are a better way to use the space.

Extra space around your building could allow you to add more parking spaces or create access to a loading area. This frees up space for more storage or even an extra office inside the building. Plus, an HVAC unit does nothing to improve the building’s looks.

Aerial photo of rooftop hvac units

Safety and Convenience

Speaking of looks, you’d likely want to add fencing around your unit if you kept it on the ground for safety reasons. Moving to the roof keeps the equipment out of harm’s way for customers and employees passing by. It also keeps it from being an easy target for vandals, thieves, or even debris blowing around.

Some HVAC systems are extremely noisy, so moving it up and away from where people congregate removes the annoyance factor. This is a significant benefit in Pittsburgh since the noise ordinance changes a few years ago extended noise protection to people living in commercial zones.

Single Unit

A rooftop unit is also called a package unit since a single cabinet contains everything needed. This allows multiple units to function together and grow with a building’s needs. It’s also beneficial for the future because you can switch out a single unit to upgrade.

Because it’s so compact, maintenance requires a single access point. With the unit on the roof, that happens out of the way of everyone in the building.

It’s important to note that because your unit is out of the way, you might not notice visible or audible signs of trouble right away. Regularly scheduled maintenance keeps eyes on your unit consistently to catch problems before they start.

Photo of rooftop hvac unit on a commercial building

Need Help With Your Rooftop HVAC Unit in Pittsburgh?

Many factors go into deciding whether you should go with a rooftop HVAC unit for your commercial building. Moving it up there saves space around your building, reduces ground-level noise, and keeps it away from potential tampering. If your building has a flat roof and is easily accessible, a rooftop unit might be your best option.

If you still have questions or need rooftop HVAC service in Pittsburgh, contact us to schedule a consultation or service appointment. 

Our team provides expert installation, servicing, and maintenance for rooftop units all over the counties of Allegheny and Washington.