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5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Commercial HVAC System

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What if your HVAC system was dying, and you didn’t even know?

It isn’t easy to know exactly how long your commercial HVAC system will last. Both home and commercial systems can last anywhere between 15-25 years, so you should expect long periods of time in between replacements.

How can you know when repairing HVAC systems is no longer an option and it’s time to replace your own?

Keep reading to discover the major signs it’s time for a replacement!

1. Many Different Repair Calls

Some signs that you need to replace your commercial HVAC units are more obvious than others. For example, the most prominent sign is that you keep having to make repair calls!

Repairing HVAC systems is inevitable over time. But the goal of repairs and regular HVAC unit maintenance is to get everything back to good working order.

If you have to get the system repaired every year or more, then it’s time to replace it. This is especially true if the repairs are getting more and more expensive with each visit.

2. Rising Energy Bills

You may only think you need to replace the system if you have major HVAC unit damage on your hands. However, one of the less obvious signs you need to replace your unit is that your energy bills keep going up.

If the bills keep going up and the changing seasons aren’t to blame, your HVAC is no longer operating very efficiently. At this point, replacing it is the best way to lower your bills. And compared to rising energy bills, a new unit may more than pay for itself!

Photo of energy bills with money and a calculator

3. Weird Noises

You don’t have to be an HVAC expert to understand when something needs to be corrected. For example, weird noises from your unit are a significant warning sign.

Sometimes, the noises may be due to loose or worn out parts that can be quickly fixed. But noises may indicate a deeper problem requiring HVAC replacement. When in doubt, we recommend you consult with the experts to be sure.

4. Problems With Keeping Consistent Temperature

In smaller commercial buildings, the employees may notice an HVAC problem before you do, especially when the issue is affecting the temperature!

When certain rooms are too hot or too cold, it means your unit isn’t distributing air as it should. This can make the whole office uncomfortable and cut into your employee’s productivity. Possibly worse yet, mission-critical cooling systems running in server rooms will start to fail due to overheating.

That’s why it’s best to fix or replace the unit and get everyone back on track!

Woman staying cool in front of a fan.

5. Poor Air Quality in the Office

Sometimes, the problem isn’t the air being too hot or too cold in the office. The problem may be with the indoor air quality itself.

If the air is humid or feels weird, an HVAC problem may put you, your employees, and your customers in danger. In extreme cases, a broken system may emit carbon monoxide or other dangerous chemicals.

When this happens, replacing the unit may be the only way to keep everyone safe! You should contact a trusted HVAC professional for their opinion.

Replace Your Commercial HVAC System Today!

Now you know when it may be time to replace your commercial HVAC system. But do you know who can help you with the process?

Here at JDC Heating & Cooling, we specialize in HVAC repairs and replacements in Pittsburgh and everywhere else in our service area.

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