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3 Reasons to Call a Professional for Furnace Repair

Professional repair service man or DIY homeowner removing a dirty air filter so he can replace it with a new clean one.

Your furnace is one of the most significant investments in your home. A new premium furnace can cost you up to $12,500, and prices are only going up with inflation.

Like your roof and other expensive household components, you need to protect your investment. Things like preventative maintenance and routine service calls go a long way.

The average furnace lasts 10 to 20 years. But the goal is to maximize the service life of your furnace.

The best way to get the most out of your investment is to call a professional for furnace repair or maintenance. Explore the top three reasons why you should call a furnace repair company to service your unit.

1. Safety

Safety is perhaps the number one reason to contact a professional repair company. With your furnace, you are dealing with dangerous utilities in natural gas and electricity.

If a repair is performed incorrectly, you are putting your personal health and the well-being of your family, tenants, or employees at risk.

Lastly, there is the threat of dangerous emissions in the house. Without professional help, carbon monoxide emissions can contaminate your home or office building. The toxic gas carbon monoxide can accumulate rapidly and is fatal to humans.

Contact a home furnace repair company as soon as you notice any signs of potential danger.

Additionally, there may be a gas leak that requires professional attention. With gas leaks, a spark in or around the furnace could cause a fire or even an explosion.

There are several signs that you should look for with a potential gas leak. Whistling, hissing, or roaring sounds from the furnace or its piping are concerning.

Unusual soil movement or dead vegetation also may be related to a gas leak.

If you smell gas, it is imperative to contact somebody for help immediately.

2. Extend the Life of Your Furnace

A professional furnace repair company can make your furnace last longer. This will save you money in the long term by avoiding the significant upfront cost of a new furnace.

Your HVAC technician should be an expert in preventative maintenance. They know how to optimize a unit and reduce the risk of a major failure from occurring.

As a tradeoff, you will pay for the cost of the visit and any consumable parts required for maintenance. However, there is a positive return on investment for service visits as they make your unit last for years longer. In addition, an optimized furnace is going to heat your home using less natural gas resulting in cheaper utility bills.

3. Your House Is Cold

Your home’s temperature is another reason to contact a professional. Does it take an excessively long time to heat your home? Are your heating bills higher than ever before?

If so, these problems may indicate that your furnace is working harder than it should be. Only a professional can evaluate the unit and repair what is causing the inefficiency.

Hire a Home Furnace Repair Service in Pittsburgh

Clearly, there are some strong reasons to hire a professional HVAC service company. When you don’t, your safety and budget are at risk. In addition, you want the furnace to keep your home as warm and comfortable as possible.

If you need a furnace repair company, contact us today to schedule an appointment. We have the experience to handle any HVAC issue and our customers love us